Review of John

Review of John

I am part time blogger and started blogging few months before.I have created two blogs so far this one on humour and another on Funny Jokes so far.
I also wanted to make money online as others.So I monetized my blogs using google adsense and other affiliate programs.During my net surfing I came across Johnchow website/blog.I stared reading and I found it so interesting and useful that continued for four hours.The articles are entertaining and informative.I feel whether you are a new or experienced blogger you must read Making money online with John Chow.
I checked its traffic ranking on and it was 2774!. And around 2673 visitors per day!
If you review of his blog, he’ll link to it and send you a ton of traffic.
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  2. Hi, I found yr blog via John Chow, i took art in batch 66, i got some traffic but not as much as i expected!
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