Really funny stuff-Cyber chat

Really funny stuff-Cyber chat

Cyber ChatJHawk111420 [12:11 AM]: Hey whats up, a/s/l?

Lady Renegade [12:12 AM]: more than you want, I’m sure 🙂

JHawk111420 [12:12 AM]: ill take that as a challenge 😉

Lady Renegade [12:12 AM]: take it any way you want sweetie.

JHawk111420 [12:13 AM]: k, how old are ya?

Lady Renegade [12:13 AM]: probably too old for you, but let’s pretend I’m 20 😉

JHawk111420 [12:13 AM]: k, what do ya look like?

Lady Renegade [12:14 AM]: before or after I’m dressed up?

JHawk111420 [12:14 AM]: both 😀

Lady Renegade [12:15 AM]: well……after I’m dressed up, I have long sexy red hair, nails painted red to match the slinky dress I have on, stiletto heels, pouty lips, green eyes, b**bs out to here, and a smile that stops traffic.

JHawk111420 [12:14 AM]: and before?

Lady Renegade [12:15 AM]: before I’m dressed up, I’m bald and wearing boxers…sometimes my weenie is peeking out

Lady Renegade [12:16 AM]: hello?

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