Toad on the road

Toad on the road

Little Tommy was on the way to school when he found a toad on the street. He picked it up and carried it to school. He placed the toad on his desk and as soon as Mrs. Jones, the Maths teacher entered the class, she let out a loud scream.

She yelled, “What is THAT on your desk, Tommy??”

Little Tommy replied, “Oh, it’s a deaf toad.”

“What??” said Mrs. Jones, “And may I ask how do you know it is deaf?”

Little Tommy replied, “I pisssed in its ear but it made no movement.”

“Tommy!!! What did you just say?? What did you do into the toad’s ear?” shouted Mrs. Jones.

Little Tommy said, “I just told you. I bent down and went PSSSSSTTTTT in its ear, but the toad wouldn’t react!”

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