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Hilarious jokes-The farm expereince

Hilarious jokes-The farm expereince

Antonio was passing through the country side. It was getting dark, so he stopped at a farmhouse and asked the owner if he could stay the night. The owner agreed and offered him a room for the night.
In the morning, the owner asked Antonio if he could catch some sleep.
Antonio replied, “Actually, no. The bed was comfortable and there was cross-ventilation in the room, but there was a constant sound of someone banging the door.
The owner said, “Oh, that’s old Buzo, the pig. He gets distressed when we give his room to someone.”
Joke of the day-Explanations

Joke of the day-Explanations

Roger was with his wife, buying confectionery at the store when a young girl smiled at him and said, “Hi!”. Roger returned the greeting. Roger’s wife glared at him and asked, “Who is that?”
Roger replied, “Please don’t irritate me. I also need to explain to her about you.”
Barber services

Barber services

Alvaro went to the barber’s shop and asked Pelu the barber, “What do you charge for a haircut?”
Pelu replied, “20 dollars.”
Alvaro then asked, “What do you charge for a shave?”
Pelu replied, “10 dollars.”
Alvaro said, “Okay then, can you kindly shave my head.”
Plane joke-Dimensions

Plane joke-Dimensions

Santa Singh, who was travelling by air for the first time, called the air hostess and asked her, “What is the height of the plane?”
The air hostess replied with a smile, “Approximately thirty four thousand feet.”
Santa Singh’s eyes popped out and he asked in a very astonished tone, “That’s incredible! How wide is it then?”
Burning Calories

Burning Calories

Do you how many calories you burn when you are making out.

See the list below:

When you lie down: 70 Cal
When you stand up: 350 Cal
When in Doggy mode: 455 Cal
Repeat second time: 850 Cal
While you are at it, and your wife suddenly rings the doorbell: 7500 Cal

Wife joke-True feelings!

Wife joke-True feelings!

Rishi says to his friend Ted, “I was in quite a situation on my wife’s funeral. I wanted to cry but there were no tears in my eyes.”
Ted was amused and asked, “So what did you do?”
Rishi said, “I shared my feelings with a friend. He whispered in my ears to imagine that she is coming back from the dead.”
Ted asked, “Then?”
Rishi replied, “Then what? There was no stopping my tears!”